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he growth and dominance of Amazon has seen many e-commerce platforms that once ruled the online retail space close shop. Those that still exist are struggling to match what Amazon is offering customers. This begs the question: Why do customers love Amazon so much that they keep going back to the platform to buy products and services? The truth is that its mission impossible to dethrone the retail giant. But don’t worry it doesn’t mean this is the end of small businesses, first of all, whenever you start a project being informed will reduce your uncertainty and give you a wider idea on how to start with the right foot, thus, if you really want to know how to properly build and run your e-commerce store, check out www.shopify.com/tour/ecommerce-website.

You can also compete with giant retail stores if you implement the following aspects on your e-commerce store:

• Come up with unique and on-demand products and services

The scale of Amazon’s products and services on offer can be overwhelming if you want to follow that model. At the very least, you’ll need to create a robust online store to handle that kind of inventory. That can cost an arm and leg. While this is the biggest advantage to Amazon, it can also be their weakness. The truth is you can’t be good at everything. So if you want to bite a significant chunk of Amazon’s market, develop unique products that truly solve customers’ problems. That means developing products that are not available on Amazon. You can also delve into high-quality content marketing, which Amazon doesn’t do.

• Build a loyal and dedicated fan base on your e-commerce platforms

Success in business today hinges on building a loyal and devoted fan base. The new generation of shoppers is savvy enough. So they will not gravitate towards pricing when buying products and services. They will buy from stores that offer high-quality products, in conjunction with optimal experience, in the form of engagements, support, and interactive feedback. Customers like to go where the action is, which is why you need to ensure your e-commerce platform is as engaging as possible. You can achieve this by allowing customers to post User-Generated Content, to comment on your posts and to critique products and services on your site.

• Be the best when it comes to customer service on your e-commerce websites

Because of the sheer size of Amazon, it’s a no-brainer that they can’t offer personalized service to customers. With your small e-commerce platform, you can offer personalized service to every customer. Customized service means giving every customer real human interaction. These customized experiences can quickly turn customers into brand evangelists, which indicate they can spread your brand like wildfire. Soon enough, you’ll build a massive base of loyal customers who will help you scale your business. About customer service, you should focus on staying small and only scale when you have enough personnel and resources to be able to offer this service for the long term.

• Beef up your e-commerce solution’s revenue

Amazon has managed to broaden their revenue by enticing customers. For example, they initiated a recurring subscription model (subscribe and save) for certain products. This model gives customers a certain amount of discount for subscribing to the model for specific purchases. The Amazon Prime is also a game-changing annual subscription model that offers customers great discounts, such a free 2-day shipping, and ability to access a wide range of media. As a new startup e-commerce merchant, you may think that this is way beyond your capability. But you can do it. All you need is a reliable payment system. It’s not only tied to as software or size of the business.

• Over-deliver on your e-commerce solutions promises

If you want to compete with Amazon, you will have to learn to anticipate your customers’ needs and over-deliver on them. You’ll stay competitive by over-delivering on your promises. Some aspects that you should look to over-deliver on include money back guarantee, shipping policy, return policy and exclusive offers.

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