3 Reasons Why E-commerce Websites Fail

Failing is painful. Like any other business, e-commerce websites fail. In this essence, going online and starting selling is not a one on one way to success.  Poor planning and adverse competition can are common in all areas of business.

Remember, whether you are running a brick and mortar business or e-business, the probability is that other persons have a similar venture. However, your ability to work smarter than them is the key to success.

With this in mind, you are confident that an e-commerce website may succeed or fail due to various reasons. This article will discuss three reasons why e-commerce sites fail. Here they are:

a.    Poor product selection

As you know, the main reason for setting up your site for e-commerce purposes is to reach online customers. In this regard, the first step to fulfilling this dream is selecting the item or the product you are going to sell.  Poor product selection is one of the reasons why your e-commerce site may fail.

For instance, if you decide to sell foodstuffs such that a customer can order online and you deliver their meals to their locations may not work well for you. While this is a noble idea, foodstuffs are perishable goods.

As such, unless you are operating a food joint near you target customers; if you are looking on to sell your commodities to a broader market: say cities far from your location, failing is imminent.

b.    Lack of better competition analysis

Unless you are introducing an innovation, the fact is there is someone else running a similar business with yours. Hence, your entry to e-commerce business means joining a competitive marketplace. With this in mind, you are confident that your success lies in your ability to assess the competition in this market and come up with a strategy that will offer you a competitive advantage.

However, due to the ease of setting up an e-commerce business, entrepreneurs ignore competition analysis. As such, they do not design any strategies to offer better services than their rivals. In the end, their e-commerce website fails.

c.    Using outdated themes

If you want to succeed while running an e-commerce site, remaining on the trend is central, you should always be ready to adapt to new changes in the web development. However, some webpreneurs do not mind the look of their site. They use outdated and dull themes. Hence, the sites become less attractive. Due to this, their sales drop, and they end up shutting down their sites.

All in all, several reasons may lead to failure of your e-commerce website. But the above three reasons are the leading cause of failure for many online and e-commerce businesses.


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