Why Social Selling is the Future Of E-commerce Websites

Social selling is the use of social media to interact with potential customers. In this decade, social media is the second largest marketplace. Also, it is growing each day as new social platforms join the market. As a webpreneur seeking to run a profitable e-commerce website, integrating it with social media is not optional.

In essence, companies and successful entrepreneurs are continuing to leverage the power of social media and turning to social selling. But why is everyone going social? Is it to earn a competitive advantage or the future of e-commerce is on the social media? Here are the answers:

a)    Opportunity to build relationships

Whether you are operating an e-commerce website or a brick and mortar business, strong relationship with customers is the pillar of its success. Through the social media, the entrepreneurs can easily interact with their prospects directly.

This offers them an opportunity to build a strong relationship through understanding their customers’ needs and delivering them on their products.  As such, the social selling opens a door for you to develop customer-oriented products that keep the customer coming back for more. Hence, you can strengthen your relationship with them.

b)    Establish credibility

For you to run a successful venture, you must be credible to win the customers. Credibility comes from your ability to interact with your customers and handling their issues. Through the social media, you get a chance to share your mind and exchange your ideas with your prospects.

In this process, you inform them about what you offer on your e-commerce website and seek for their feedback and views. This way, you can establish the credibility of your product and services as well as your business. Through credibility, you are assured of more sales and profitability.

c)    Enhance your prospect trust

Trust is the cradle of all business. People will always partner and establish relationships with individual or business they can trust. When it comes to running an e-commerce website, the level of trust you win from the crowd will determine the number of sales you will make and amount of traffic you will receive.

Through the social selling, you get an opportunity to chat and interact with prospects one on one. In the process, they develop trust on what you are offering to them. Also, social selling enables you to clear any misinformation about your products and services. Hence, when the customers obtain the right information about you and your product, their trust becomes stronger.

With this, it is certain that social selling is the future of e-commerce websites and online stores.


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